Looks like Weezer is pretty popular this year, and who would’ve guessed it would be for covers? Their cover of Africa last year was so outstanding, it led them to record an entire album of covers. Do you want tickets to see Weezer? Weezer is an 80’s and 90’s band that still putting out hits today just as good as their first album. You probably remember the Sweater Song or Islands in the sun, but the last few albums have been just as good. There was a talk a few years back of them retiring, but that never seems to last with a band as good as this one.

Often written off as “underdogs”, Weezer can fit just about any music mold from pop, rock, and their chosen slot in “alternative” music. I don’t care if they come across as a quirky bunch of nerds or not, I love their music! They currently have a few shows at the end of the summer, but more are sure to be added.

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