Walk off the Earth are an indie band that is most popular for their YouTube videos where the entire band plays the guitar at once with all their combined hands, while singing a cover song. At least that’s where most of us first encountered them. Although the band has been around since 2006, when they covered “Somebody that I Used to Know” in 2012 – their video received over 175 million views. After that, they covered Gangham Style, Rude, Hello, Party Rock Anthem, Payphone, and even Roll Up by Wiz Khalifa. While they have enjoyed continued and growing success, they were saddened to lose Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor in 2018, as he passed away from natural causes. They are stronger than ever as they continue to tour, and this is a very tight well put together band with a show you won’t want to miss. If you think the videos are great, you should see them in person!