Don’t have season tickets for the Red Sox? We’ve got what you need last minute right here. Whether you’re looking for some for next season or the league championship – we have them both. In 2018 the Boston Red Sox won a franchise record of about 108 games winning their conference. If you’re a Sox fan this had to be a thrilling season for you. When they won the AL East in 18 that gave them an 8 game lead over the New York Yankees, who would’ve dreamed that up? I guess you could say that’s the best record in baseball for the 2018 season. This is only the fourth time in the entire Red Sox history that they have won more than 100 games. Mookie Betts of course led the lead average and he tied Lindor for lead in runs. The triple crown was just missed by Martinez and Sale had injuries, but you cannot deny the pitching of David Price this season.

This is a special team, and it would be nice to see the fifth world series won by them in about the last 15 years.

Get tickets for the games before the world series –
Red Sox at Houston Astros
Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox

Can’t wait until the world series games get added, get your tickets below!!

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