It’s that time of year where everyone wants Major League Baseball tickets. Hot dogs and cracker jacks, everyone wants to go out to the ballpark. It’s America’s greatest past time. MLB is the oldest of all professional sports leagues. It used to be divided into the American (AL) and National (NL) leagues with 15 teams each (formed in 1901 and 1876), until they merged in the year 2000. With each team playing 162 games before the world series, there are plenty of chances to get tickets and root for your favorite hometown hero.

Here are some random MLB facts you might not know:

  • Howard Taft stared the tradition of throwing out the first pitch in 1910
  • Each MLB baseball has 108 stitches on it
  • The oldest team is the Cincinnati Red Stockings, formed in 1869
  • The New York Yankees hold the record for world championships, at 27
  • While Babe Ruth had a .344 average, his average for pinch hitting was only .167
  • Six dozen baseballs get rubbed in mud before every game

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