Could there be anybody as timeless as Cher? Having made music in 6 different decades, seeing Cher is a once in a lifetime show that you won’t want to miss! Cher has a career that has spanned a duo act as part of Sonny and Cher, a hit television variety show, as actress in countless movies, Broadway plays, and more. She’s even won the academy award for her role in Moonstruck. As a matter of fact she’s won a Grammy, an Emmy, AND an academy award! She has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and her farewell tour from 2002-2005 grossed more than $250 million – one of the highest grossing concert tours of all time. You should be happy that was just the first farewell, and that you have another chance to see her live. Get your tickets now, because it won’t be long before these are sold out too!

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